Custom fields in SugarCRM

I received a lot of questions about creating custom fields in SugarCRM. Custom fields are often required to get my SugarCRM authentication plugin for Joomla 1.5 to work. To be honest, I think you should know about creating custom fields before trying to authenticate your SugarCRM contacts in Joomla. Authentication can be tricky an it's good to have a solid grasp of both SugarCRM and Joomla before venturing on the path of remote authentication.

Recently however, the SugarCRM company changed the portal functionality of the community and professional editions of their software. The portal functions are now only available to the enterprise edition of SugarCRM. This also means that the default portal fields are removed from the contacts module. As a consequence, most users of SugarCRM and my authentication plugin will prefer to authenticate on custom fields only. The video below demonstrates how to create those fields.

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