TransFollow is a new logistics tracking platform. The platform is unique as it is secure, there is bilateral consignment and the whole shipment chain can be monitored in real time. We've developed the product site for this new product. You can see a short clip on how this works in layman's terms below:

Dangerous Goods Service Portal

In 2014 Dutch logistics company Beurtvaartadres released a new web portal. The DGSPortal contains a throve of information on the transportation of Dangerous Goods. The website is an advanced extension of the iOS / Android apps that the company also offers. Apart from the basic information on Dangerous Goods themselves, users of the site can add business specific information to individual goods.


In conjunction with 2Value, I've been doing support and development work for a Dutch logistical company called Beurtvaartadres. They need a support supplier who acts as a partner rather than treat them as a traditional client. So far we've managed to tackle issues around quite a few projects together, the most prominent of which are their twin corporate websites.

Beurtvaartadres is an indepent organization for everyone involved in the transportation of goods.

VvAA Zomercampagnes

While the summer is coming to an end the last of the VvAA summer campaigns are being launched. Within the span of a mere 2 weeks we've deployed this site designed by CoR. The site consists of a lot of custom styling. Especially in the various modal boxes. Although the amount of different pages is limited it's been a bit of a challenge to both grant the editors the maintainability they need and have all this custom styling within the site.


Genome Diagnostics aims to offer accurate diagnostic tools to facilitate donor/recipient matching, ultimately leading to higher success rates of bone-marrow, cord blood and stem cell transplantations.

I did a quick restyle of the Joomla template to reflect the new, cleaner design.


Early 2010 I've redesigned the templates of the Flevoziekenhuis. The old templates really needed an update. This assignment was granted very late in the process of introducing the new corporate identity. The Flevoziekenhuis hospital building was already decorated with the new logo. And print communications and other media outings were already branded according to the new style designed by Different View.

IBG Makelaars

The Independent Brokers Group is a large collective of real estate agents. Three of those agents asked 2Value to build their new website:

Henstra Advies en Ondersteuning

Harm Henstra is a coach and interim manager based in Haarlem. He needed a small, straightforward website to present himself and his services. So rapidly I put up a new Joomla installation. After a short planning meeting Harm wrote most of the content in his new website. I structured it and filled the site. We jointly choose a stock template and I adapted the colours and feel to his corporate identity. Next, we put up the "pawn" images and portraits to finish the global layout.

2Value Subversion

2Value is a network organisation. In this organisation I am among a growing number of associates who create high quality open source software solutions for the web. The network character is one of the great strengths of such a company. However, you need a set of effective procedures and collaborative tools for such an organisation to work effectively. In the last couple of months I worked on implementing Subversion and localised environments in 2Value.

Flevoziekenhuis Readspeaker

I've created a Joomla Readspeaker plugin for the Flevo Hospital in Almere. Readspeaker is a technology that allows webdevelopers to embed a screenreader on a website. Off course many people with a visual handicap already use screenreaders but these usually read everything on the webpage. With readspeaker, the webdeveloper can decide which content should be read, and which shouldn't. Also it's a platform independent solution. If you have a recent webbrowser with javascript enabled it works.


My coworkers at Tressis and me have created another green site. The website's layout is mainly blue, but the client is green at heart. E-Connection is a company that starts projects in sustainable energy, specifically wind energy. You could say they are a typically Dutch company, since they deal in wind mills. In their own words:

Glasvezel Community

Glass fiber internet connections are the future of broadband internet. It the next couple of years the amount of fiber connections is expected to grow exponentially. Right now the large communication corporations, cable suppliers, etc are making the necessary investments in the required infrastructure. Contrary to the introduction of DSL internet connections a couple of years ago, glass fiber requires a completely new web of cables. In large parts the in The Netherlands these cables still need to be placed but in a quite a few spots glass fiber connections are already available.