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Since a week I'm working in Haarlem every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. With the good folks of 2Value we're manning a new office at the Kenaupark. The synergy of sharing an office location can be a really good thing. One of the benefits is always having a usability guru around. Kor pointed me at some shortcomings of this website. Some of them I solved today. For instance, take a look at the print stylesheets, by making a print preview in your browsers. Looks pretty smart aye? I cleaned up some elements and greatly increased the font size. Another big improvement is the speed of the website. I automatically resize images most images on the size using the the Drupal imagecache module and the GD library. This makes it easy for me to upload full size pngs (my default screenshot file format). However, the file size of the scaled images - the project images and thumbnails - was still way to large. Using some nifty little imagecache actions allow me to change the file format of the images on the fly. Now I cache the images as jpg. This typically saves about 300 KB on the frontpage!

Submitted by Lennart on Thu, 05/14/2009 - 14:05

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